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Ice cream

  Ice Cream Menu  

Caramel Fudge 
Creamy caramel ice cream, churned with choc fudge sauce. (GF)

Butterscotch Bits 
Mouth-watering, creamy butterscotch ice cream dotted with Hokey Pokey crunch. (GF)

Boysenberry Swirl
A flavoursome, fruity creation swirled with a rich boysenberry sauce.

Green Tea 
An east-west fusion of authentic green tea blended with Australian fresh milk and cream. (GF)

Strawberry Cheesecake
A pastry creation to excite. Cheesecake flavoured ice cream swirled with strawberry ribbons and biscuit crumb.

Toffee Honeycomb
Honeycomb ice cream, toffee swirls and choc honeycomb crumble unite in this very decadent ice cream.

Full of play with colours of the rainbow, bursting with flavours. (GF)

Rum & Raisin 
A classic favourite full of juicy raisins (GF)

Spotty Cow
Velvety smooth vanilla ice cream sprinkled with colourful mini m&m’s.

Mango Madness
A Queensland delight flavoured with North Queensland mangos.

(GF) - Gluten Friendly Flavours.
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