Gelato Menu  

Velvety smooth gelato with a delicious chocolate flavour (GF)
Choc Hazelnut
Chocolate & Hazelnut unite in a soft creamy mix (GF)
Creme Caramel
Rich creamy caramel gelato layered with ribbons of caramel sauce (GF)
Peanut Butter Ripple
A taste sensation blending smooth peanut butter gelato with a indulgent choc hazelnut sauce (GF)
The famous Italian dessert whipped into a delicious gelato with a strong coffee bean flavour dusted with cocoa (GF)
Vanilla Bean
A creamy gelato with strong a strong vanilla flavour made from the pods of vanilla beans (GF)
Dairy Free Gelato & Sorbet 
Creamy coconut milk based gelato blended with toasted coconut (V)
A Mango lovers delight (GF)
A decadent tropical flavour (GF)
This is a berry berry nice gelato (GF)
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