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  Gelato Menu  

Velvety smooth gelato with a delicious chocolate flavour (GF)

Choc Hazelnut
Chocolate & Hazelnut unite in a soft creamy mix (GF)

Peanut Butter Ripple
A taste sensation blending smooth peanut butter gelato with a indulgent choc hazelnut sauce (GF)

Burnt Sugar
Lip-smackingly luscious, burnt caramel indulgence.

Vanilla Bean
A creamy gelato with strong a strong vanilla flavour made from the pods of vanilla beans (GF)

Peppermint Choc Chip
Cool mint flavour sprinkled choc flakes.

Strawberry Milk
The fruit flavour and aroma of real strawberries will delight.

Dairy Free Gelato & Sorbet 

Toasted Coconut
Enjoy this flavourful coconut dessert flecked with toasted coconut pieces. (V)

Mango Sorbet
Sweet, smooth and succulent, Queensland Kensington Pride Mangos flavour this premium sorbet.(GF)

Passionfruit Sorbet
A sweet and exotic fruit with a delicious tart finish. (GF)

Strawberry Sorbet
Fresh, bright and sweet, bursting with sunshine and strawberry flavour. (GF)

Chocolate (Dairy Free)
Rich vegan chocolate  (GF)

Lemon Sorbet
Citrus, sour and expertly sweetened – the perfectly balanced palate cleanser. 
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