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Q.  What time do you you set up and how long does it take to pack up?

A.   Your host will arrive 30 min prior to set up and will be ready to leave 30 min after your event.


Q.  Are the waffle cones, cups, spoons and serviettes included in the price?

A.  Yes they sure are!  We also have an A2 personalised sign with your name and flavours listed for your guests.


Q.  How do you keep your ice cream frozen?

A.  We have an AC powered freezer on our cute little cart!  We can also use our inverter if needed for beach or garden venues (fees apply).

Q.  Do you have any special lighting at night?

A.  Yes, we have some gorgeous festoon lights to add that special touch

Q.  How big is the cart?

A.  The cart is approx 2 metres long - please advise us if you plan on putting it in a tight corner or in a lift... this little baby won't go up stairs as its very heavy and needs to ride in a goods service lift (most hotel service lifts will accommodate)

Q.  Are your servers hygenic and well dressed?

A.  Yes our hosts have all completed a safe food handling course and they are well dressed, clean, tidy and will be looking a million dollars on the day of your special event!

Q.  Can I have more than 3 ice cream flavours?

A.  Our cart isn't big enough to hold more than 3 flavours.  We can serve up to 300 guests directly from our cart - if your event caters for more than this get in touch as we have served up to 800 guests at some events... Anything is possible!

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